Maxwell Ryan
May 3, 2005

Tiny, light, and cheap; an impressive space considering size and budget. Paul Logan AIA Senior Project Manager at Jonathan Rose Companies Highly successful “ all the comforts of home” feeling, using an economy of means. John Berg AIA BERGDESIGN ARCHITECTS With very little space and money, she made an ingenious modification to the apartment that plays up its strengths (the wood floors and the light from one window), and introduces new elements (a hammock and chair that function as a second room). Jake Ward Managing Editor of ReadyMade Magazine the magazine of do-it-yourself design and culture Because it is, quite literally, the smallest apartment at 186 square feet, and hillary has made it cheerful, serene and functional for only $100 (also, who can resist a hammock?). PGreen Who writes the Habitats column for the New York Times Link to Hilary's Entry
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