#11 - Lyssa's Personalized Colors

Name: Lyssa
Location: Oakland
Type: Rented one bedroom railroad apartment

Why I use color:

After living in my apartment for a year and going through several major life changes (including marriage and pregnancy), I needed to reclaim and reinvent my home. Adding color to the walls transformed my bland rental apartment into a personalized home in a cost-effective, reversible way.

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I chose each room's color palette to set the mood, maximize the light and unify the decor. In some cases the wall colors determined the furnishings, in others the accents determined the wall colors. Since my apartment has only three rooms, I gave each one its own color, defining each space and diversifying my home's palette.

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2 Good color tips:

Make the extra effort and go for the two tone room. Don't get so attached to one idea that you choose an imperfect shade. If the color patches aren't working out like you imagined, try a totally different color.

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Favorite type and brand of paint:

Benjamin Moore Aura

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