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Q: I recently framed my Art Prize poster in a wood frame with a plexiglass window. I fell in love with the color of the paper already inside the frame, so I decided to keep it and use it as a border (instead of having a mat cut to fit the poster). I sprayed a little spray mount on the paper and let dry in hopes of making the surface tacky enough to keep the poster in place, but alas it didn't hold. Within a week the poster slid inside the frame and has now settled in the bottom of the window, which I suspect this has something to do with the plexiglass being flexible. So, how can i safely anchor the poster without ruining the paper? I dont want to glue it down for fear of ruining the poster paper, tapes can leave a nasty residue, and photo corners aren't strong enough! Anyone know any magic tricks to hold it in place?

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