Sell Cheap or Keep This Oeuf Crib?

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Q: I have a dilemma and I need help deciding what to do. We live in a small town in Florida with not much available when it comes to good design. When we were expecting our second son, I fell in love with and purchased an Oeuf crib in maple. We actually ordered it from a boutique in NYC on a visit there, and went ahead and bought a quality organic mattress as well. The total ended up being around $1,200, which is high, but the crib was perfect. I loved the look, and it was strong, durable and very useful throughout my son's first years. I couldn't be happier with the choice. When he turned 3, we finally decided it was time to move him out of our beloved crib. Herein lies the dilemma:

I posted the crib & mattress (which are in good condition) on Craigslist for $250, but after a couple months, there are no takers. I am sure it has to do with the price. I can't bring myself to "give" the crib away at $100, which is more the going rate. It makes me antsy to know it would go to someone who doesn't appreciate it. My question is, do I keep the crib and risk it being damaged somehow, or just sell it for a ridiculously low price for someone that just wants an inexpensive crib.

I'm frozen in indecision! Any insight would be helpful.

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