Jen's First "Real" Apartment

House Call

Name: Jen
Location: Columbus, Ohio

I'm a 22 year old artist and designer in Columbus, Ohio. I just found out that I need to vacate my apartment in thirty days, so I finally took some pictures of my 700 square foot space. Shortly after I moved in, I moved both my art studio and office into my home. I've spent the past two years painting, decluttering, organizing, and carefully curating my space.

I moved in with one chair and a small bookshelf. I had no other furniture and a tiny budget, so I bought some basic IKEA pieces. Since then, I have spent lots of time refining my color palettes, layouts, and getting rid of LOTS AND LOTS of stuff.

This is my first "real" apartment (uh, not shared with a bunch of other people!) and I've had the best time setting it all up. I am lucky to have a landlord who has let me do whatever I want to the space. I'm super sad that I have to leave it behind, but now I guess I'll have a new project to work on!

Thanks, Jen!

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