Sael's Spanish Style in Silverlake

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Name: Sael Bartolucci
Location: Silverlake, Los Angeles, California

I am a designer/owner of Isotrope Design, a furniture company and have also been working in the textile field for over 5 years bridging between fashion and interiors, so my influences are mostly based off aesthetics that merge pattern, repetition and linear qualities.

Living in a city like Los Angeles, I was immediately drawn into the mid century modern furniture trend which provides a perfect balance to the ethnic (mostly native american and latin american) fabrics I collect!

I bought this Spanish style house over a year ago and have invested a lot of time trying to maintain the essence of the house, in its charm and proportions, while renovating and reinventing the space with a much more contemporary look.Throwing down some walls and connecting the rooms granted a special 'entertainment' feature to the house, which now has much more of a flow.

I have a large back yard which is still a work in progress but a wonderful space for improvement and outdoors entertainment, truly a fantasy space for both myself and my dog! I've been struggling to transform both the house and the back into a more eco/environmentally sound space, by providing more air flow through out the house for cooling and re insulating it completely as well as changing all of the windows and doors. I also put new metal roof which not only adds a more contemporary look but also provides great reflection of heat from the sun.

All in all I am pleased with the work done and find it to be such a welcoming, efficient and charming home.

Thanks, Sael!

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