Wrapped in Style: Pretty Rope Vessels for Spring

There's no reason to avoid organizing when you can put your things in vessels as lovely as these ones. Whether it's a neon accented bowl or a colorful hanging basket, they'll make any room look stylishly pulled together.

  1. Add cheer to a dim corner with a hanging basket sewn in the colors of a bright sunrise. $51.22 at Zillpa's Etsy store.
  2. Gemma Patford's popular handpainted bowls are as artful as they are useful. $45 AUD.
  3. A serene, sculptural bowl that would look great anywhere from a bookcase to a console table. $70 at Landon Dix.
  4. Hot pink rope is a modern, playful touch on a clean lined bowl. $46.51 at Find Your Happy's Etsy store.
  5. Line your shelves with Threshold's lovely set of 8 blue and white baskets. $55.92 for the set at Target.

(Image credits: Etsy; Gemma Patford; Landon Dix; Etsy; Target)

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