Name: aad
Location: rotterdam, the netherlands
Size & Type: approx 55m2 (you do the feet math), 2-bedroom app in a renovated old school-building

Favorite resource:

flea market and recycle shops, ebay too.


Small is cool since it forces you to reduce to the very essence of living, dropping all the unnecessary stuff that might clutter your life otherwise.

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Pitch Cont'd:

Though not a US resident, i enjoy the thought of participating in the smallest coolest contest from the other side of the ocean, the east coast being geographically nearest :D I do understand this excludes me from winning any prizes, but then, weren't competions about the honor and cheer of participation? :) since we'll move to a new place in three months, this is my farewell presentation of my old dwelling :)

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Your favorite element:

my versatile cubic glass window display in the kitchen, a 50s shop display rack

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
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