#1 - Andrew & Karen's Contrasting Condo

Name: Andrew & Karen
Location: Cambridge, MA
Type: 2 bedroom, owned

Why I use color:

We use color for variety. We like to pick multiple color schemes (our goal is one per season) which have common components. We use the common components for permanent colors: walls, floors, and furniture - and the uncommon components for seasonal colors: pillows, wall art, place mats, and accessories. This makes for easy but dramatic changes from season to season, reflecting the dramatic natural changes here in New England...

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Why I use color (cont'd):

We also use color to bring out form and create contrast, using neutrals to emphasize bolds. Our condo has nice molding that we want to notice, so we used a neutral gray as our primary wall color to contrast with the bright white molding. The gray also creates a clean palette which brightens the blue and green accent walls. We add or subtract from the palette to fit the mood of the room: a bright kitchen is fun, a bold living room is cozy, and a neutral bedroom is tranquil. Some of the best colors are the ones people don't think of as "colorful": white, gray, beige, and brown.

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2 Good color tips:

Use color for contrast - think in schemes

Use temporary objects which coordinate with permanent fixtures

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Favorite type and brand of paint:

Behr Premium Plus because Home Depot is open on Sundays

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