#1 - Chin-Hua's Creative Corridor

Name: Chin-Hua Huang
Location: Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, NY
Size & Type: 550 sf One Bedroom

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There are four key features of the design:

a. By taking a corridor and absorbing it into the bathroom, we create a dressing room that is often lost in today's small apartments. It is a place to organize your outfit the night before and an unhurried room to dress in the morning --- the corridor becomes a room...

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Pitch Cont'd:

b. To address privacy, we precisely placed pocket, barn, and swing doors, to ensure the comfortable level of privacy and to accommodate different functionalities.

c. We opened up the bathroom and placed the bathtub in the bedroom. Bathing can now happen in a room with a view rather than a tight closet and it suggests a resort lifestyle. When the sheer shower curtain is fully closed in its oval track, the bathtub becomes a splendid lantern of the space.

d. Given the narrow witdh, we take advantage of the propotion by placing a bar table to define a dining area. This way, the hospitality experience is rendered in a domestic setup.

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Your favorite element:

The appropriate blending of classical aesthetic and modern zen.

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