#1 - Tyler's Color Fueling Station

Name: Tyler Marcum
Location: Astoria, NY
Type: 1bedroom, rented monthly

Why I use color:

My main reason for using color has to do a lot with my personality. The same terms used to describe my apartment can be used to describe me: funky, fun, energetic, extroverted, modern, eccentric. My colors FUEL my energy and put me in a happy place (which is a great place to be when living in the cold city of New York)...

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I keep a lot of my furniture similar (I like the modern and sleek white pieces...bed, dresser, etc) so that I can go bold with the walls! Not only do the bold colors lend an artistic hand to the walls, but they also give my wall decorations a bright and fun background. Pictures hung on the
wall POP out at you. I have open shelves above my couch that you can see the avacado green color through - making my funky shelves all the more visible.

2 Good color tips:

1. Don't be afraid to use bold colors on different walls. While I wouldn't go too crazy with bold colors side by side, I think it can be great to have a room that has lighter color tones and then one BRIGHT wall.

2. Don't be afraid to use different shades of the same color. Lighter shades can look amazing against a darker shade (and vica versa). It's all about finding balance with your colors.

2 good color resources:

1. Nature can be the most AMAZING resource...or even looking at pictures of nature. I used a photograph of a sunset for inspiration in my bedroom.

2. Eye-popping store windows can be a great place to browse for your favorite colors and inspiration (I love the Diesel windows!).

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