#10 - Olivia Leigh's Limited Time, Lovely Space

Name: Olivia Leigh
Location: Chicago
Size & Type: 555 sq. ft. one bedroom

Favorite resource: "Thrift stores/antique malls, IKEA, art!"

Pitch: "My small exemplifies how one can work with challenges on a limited budget with limited time to create a lovely space. With less than 30 days to find a new apartment, I got this sublease about two months ago. The walls were bare/white, and included were a few pieces of furniture that I was asked to "watch over" and didn't care for."

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Pitch Cont'd:"I've integrated these into my apartment by working with their colors, rethinking their uses (dresser into shoe storage, secretary into vanity), and buying furniture to fill in extra gaps (drop-leaf console/desk/dining table), all on a just-out-of-college budget."

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Your favorite element: "My bedroom -- This is the first time in my entire life that I've lived without any media (aside from books) in my bedroom. The combination of a space devoted solely to sleeping and dressing mixed with my handpainted wall and the "hotel/luxury" feeling that the glow lights create for me is amazing!"

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