We know you're out there. You bibliophiles who can't get enough of bookshelves stacked floor to ceiling, hallways lined with card catalogs, mahogany desks with bankers' lamps. We sympathize. We love a good library, too. For those of you who worry about your house someday sinking from the weight of your books, we've rounded up a selection of amazing libraries from homes, universities, and cities across the globe...

1 Chicago, Illinois: Home Library by Wheeler Kearns
2 London, England: Staircase Library by Levitate Architects
3 Dublin, Ireland: Trinity College Library from Libraries by Candida Höfer
4 Prague, Czech Republic: Franz Kafka Society by Holl and Steinbachová
5 Washington, DC: Library of Congress

6 Paris, France: Pierre Chareau's Maison de Verre Bookcase
7 Copenhagen, Denmark: The Royal Library by Schmidt Hammer Lassen
8 Seattle, Washington: Seattle Public Library by Rem Koolhaus
9 Växjö, Sweden: Halmstad Library by Schmidt Hammer Lassen
10 Cahuita, Costa Rica: Casa Kike by Gianni Botsford

(Photos: Heidrich Blessing, Kristin Hohenadel, Dezeen, Candida Höfer, Flickr member saturnism via Creative Commons license, Francois Halard, Flickr member bjaglin via Creative Commons license, Flickr member Christmas w/a K via Creative Commons license, Schmidt Hammer Lassen, Christian Richters via ArchDaily)