#10 Antonio's Animated & Active Apartment

#10 Antonio's Animated & Active Apartment

Oct 12, 2006

Name: Antonio
Location: Cedar Park, TX
Type: 1 Bedroom/rental

Why I use color: I use color different in every room so that there is a distint theme in each. Variation of all shapes, sizes, and colors keep it fluid and involved. In this particular room, I have created some paintings with various colors to create an animated or yet... active and vibrant feel. I plan on taking the three down and creating a big "bodacious" 5 foot square. All in due time.

2 Good color tips:
One good color tip is to not overindulge yourself. Color creates many forms of moods, energies, emotions, attractions. Sometimes, you can do too much.

2. Another color tip is to experiment and go against the grain. Usually, something wicked or imaginative will spew about, and smiles with eyes wide open will shout... wow! Possibilities are endless... it's your world.

2 Good color resources:

1. One good color resource is examples or models that allow you to pick up where they left off, so to say. Here, you can speculate, manipulate, infiltrate, and decorate your own little aura. Nit-picking ideas is a great starting point. If you have your ideas right away, go for it.

2. Another good color resource is the upcoming fashion trends. Here, they display the "in" colors for the time of year. If you like to follow trends, you can apply sublte notes of that to your decor as well.

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