Take Note: The Best of Note Taking With Tablets

Tablet App Recommendations

As a graduate student and freelance designer, I take a LOT of notes. Finding the right apps to use for note taking is essential, as I've discovered not all note taking apps are created equal while done on a tablet. Some incorporate audio recording or the ability to add sketches alongside text, several which I've gathered and believe are well worth the cost of a fancy latte to download...


1. Paper (iPad), Free.
2. Daedalus Touch (iOS), $4.99.
3. Evernote (Windows 8, Android & iOS), Free.
4. GoodNotes (iPad), Free & $5.99.
5. Google Keep (Android), Free.


6. Drafts (iPad), $3.99.
7. Simplenote (Android & iOS), Free.
8. Concepts: Smarter Sketching (iPad), Free.
9. Werdsmith (iOS), Free.
10. Note Sphere (Windows 8), Free.

(Image 1: Joelle Alcaidinho, all others as linked above)

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