Save Money With These 10 Apps

Save Money With These 10 Apps

Jason Rodway
Mar 28, 2012

Good financial habits are helpful for easing stress and are beneficial for getting a little bit more from your income. Your smartphone has a hand in the monthly budget so maybe it's time it pulls its own weight. Here are 10 to help trim the fat to save money and make your dollar go even farther.

Cross Platform

Left: Groupon - Right: Gas Buddy
The juggernaut of the digital coupon crop is available across all smartphones and for good reason. Using Groupon is a good way of expanding lifes horizons with deals from everything from vacations to skydiving flights which can be purchased from your handset. There's nothing too small or big with coupons available for a wide range of restaurants, groceries, clothes or electronics. New coupons are updated each day so it's worth a frequent look.
iOS - Free / Android - Free / Windows Phone 7 - Free

Gas Buddy
Filling up at the pump can feel like playing the stock market. Take out the guess work and get a guaranteed good rate with Gas Buddy to find the nearest station that offers the cheapest rate. The app is entirely free and is dependent on its large user-base to report gas prices. Participating has its rewards with a point system that go towards winning prizes such as a $250 gas gift card that's given out each week. Unfortunately only available in the US and Canada.
iOS - Free / Android - Free / Windows Phone 7 - Free

Left: WhatsApp - Right: Skype
WhatsApp Phone plans consist of picking and choosing features that are most applicable to what you need. We can't always predict when we'd need to use SMS to send a picture or a quick message to get ahold of someone nor do we want to pay for something we might not even use. WhatsApp acts like iMessage or BBM except that it breaks through platform restrictions. Pictures and messages can be sent through your data plan and message status such as sent, delivered and read let you know that your message got through. iOS - $1 One Time Price Android / Windows Phone 7 - Free the 1st year, $1/year afterwards

When you've got friends and family all over the globe, staying connected doesn't have to break the bank. Skype is the internet phone service others strive to be delivering video calling and instant messaging across the globe. The best thing about Skype is that there are few restrictions in the way of hardware since it's available for PCs, Macs, all the smartphones and even iPads.
iOS - Free / Android - Free / Windows Phone 7 - Free


Left: Scandit - Right: KidsEatFor
Love shopping for the best price but hate googling model numbers and sifting through search results? Scandit takes the pain out of shopping and delivers price lists in a simple interface so all that remains are the numbers. With stores such as Best Buy, Walgreens, Sephora, Target, Borders, The Home Depot and hundreds more, the search radius is far and reliable. Just snap the barcode and Scandit will do the rest. Free
Also available for Android - Free

There are many things to consider when you go out to eat as a family such as location, environment or what's on the menu. Make the price the last thing on your mind with KidsEatFor which finds restaurants that offer a free meal for children with the purchase of each adult entree. Bon appetit! $3
Also available for Android - $3


Left: Google Shopper - Right: ShopKick
Google Shopper
Don't you hate when you're in the store and are holding a guaranteed purchase in your hands but wonder if it's cheaper somewhere else? Do you dare take the chance to try other stores only to end up at this same place again? Google Shopper will not only find prices for you in other stores and online, it'll also tell you how many they have in stock. Products can be searched by scanning the barcode, cover art or even by voice search. Free

Shopaholics, this is the app for you. With ShopKick you can scan barcodes for the best deals from stores like Old Navy, Target or Best Buy however the more products you scan, the more points you recieve. Points can be exchanged for facebook credits, gift cards from Target or Best Buy, song downloads or even movie tickets. On top of that you get the chance to save money with new offers updated regularly. Free
Also available for iOS - Free

Windows Phone 7

Left: Skyscanner - Right: Grocery Total
Frequent flyers know the price of travel and how much every expense adds up to burn multiple holes in their pockets. Skyscanner is a handy app that makes shopping for plane tickets as painless as possible by finding all possible means to accommodate the users needs. With over 1000 airlines and travel agents in its itinerary, Skyscanner not only saves money by finding the best price but saves time by delivering quick results. Free

Grocery Total
Some of us are good at keeping a mental tally which is handy for grocery shopping. For the rest of us who intend to keep our spending at a certain cap sometimes get a shocker at the register. Grocery Total is a useful tool that properly tallies itemized grocery shopping and takes into consideration the proper taxes for food, alcohol and tobacco. The compare utility is an additional feature that helps figure out better value between products in terms of ounces and dollars. Free

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