Even though most agree that IKEA designs are already pretty great (for the price especially), that doesn't stop creative people from putting their own spin on the products. Lighting in particular is fun to tweak, and a good way to add extra personality to your child's room. Here are ten really great projects to inspire you...

1. A Mr. Moon lamp hacked from a FADO, inspired by a print by Martin Krusche, from Mommo Designs.
2. Nieves de Tokyo hacked the MASKROS to make this really cute light from cut paper snowflakes in a bunch of colors.
3. An IKEA PS Lamp went over to the dark side with this great project seen on IKEA Hackers.
4. Although this is in a Laetitia Lazerges living room (on Design*Sponge), it would be great in a children’s room or nursery.
5. Also from Mommo-Design (Rosandra has a tons of great projects on her site, which you should definitely check out) is this super cool Spiderman lamp using a figurine and some netting.

6. Mette of Monster Circus made this fabric flower lamp, which would work with the HEMMA cord kit.
7. For $10, you can dress up the MELODI in any design you choose, with a little Modge Podge. Kristin posted this one, which uses some IKEA napkins to boot, to IKEA Hackers.
8. I believe the REGOLIT was used a base for vintage children’s book illustrations from Dig Mig.
9. You kid can help make this LEGO lamp, built around a. From Impatiently Crafty.
10. And this is an old FADO hack, also from IKEA Hackers, but it was new (and very funny) to me, so I’m passing it on...