10 Awesome Etsy Finds for Clean Freaks (& Those of Us Who Love Them)

10 Awesome Etsy Finds for Clean Freaks (& Those of Us Who Love Them)

Taryn Williford
Jul 12, 2016
(Image credit: honeyinked/Etsy)

Maybe you know a clean freak. Maybe you are one. In either case, you know that the people who lead spotless, uncluttered lives have very simple needs: Just spray bottles, a cleaning checklist and a doormat that delivers sass to anyone who dares not to take off their shoes inside the house.

1. "To Clean" Planner Stickers

Use these to mark down little to-clean lists all over the place. $3.75 for 40 from Honeyinked

(Image credit: honeyinked/Etsy)

2. Washing Machine and Dishwasher Stickers

You can also mark specific tasks with little icons on your calendar with these. Washing Machines, $3.75 for 56 from Honeyinked / Dishwashers $3.75 for 56 from Honeyinked

(Image credit: Planner Envy/Etsy)

3. Cleaning Planner Stickers

These have icons for a few different housekeeping tasks, and they're color-coded, so you can assign them to people or rooms. Cleaning Planner Stickers, $3.75 for 77 from Planner Envy

(Image credit: Fly Trap/Etsy)

4. Printable "Please Clean" Sticky Notes

Having a hard time getting the rest of the household on board with your clean routine? Order this printable file (you can have it made into a sticky notepad with an online printer) and leave to-do notes all around. Please Clean Printable Sticky Notes, $3 from Fly Trap

(Image credit: Mokuyobi Threads/Etsy)

5. Clean Club Iron-On Patch

Rep your clan. Clean Club Patch, $6 from Mokuyobi Threads

(Image credit: By Me Home/Etsy)

6. Labeled Spray Bottles

If you make your own solutions, you can still package them up nicely. Amber Glass Spray Bottles with Label Decals, $32.34 By Me Home

(Image credit: Dichotomat/Etsy)

7. Lose the Shoes Doormat

Let people know where you stand on the debate with a doormat that firmly states your place. Lose the Shoes Doormat, $34 from Dichotomat

(Image credit: ChompboardsUK/Etsy)

8. Labeled Cutting Boards

No cross-contamination here. Fish, Meat, Bread or Veggies Cutting Boards, $29.69 each or $84.84 for 4 from Chompboards UK

(Image credit: Print Plan Repeat/Etsy)

9. Cleaning Checklists Kit

Designed for spring cleaning, this set of checklists will have you in tip-top shape. Spring Cleaning Planning Kit, $8.49 for a digital download from Print Plan Repeat

(Image credit: Lazy J/Etsy)

10. Laundry Room Care Guide

This print is handy to have on hand in the laundry room, but also pretty enough to frame. Laundry Room Guide, $19 for 8"x10", $35 for 11"x14" from Lazy J

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