10 Beautiful Book Displays to Catch Your Kid's Eye

10 Beautiful Book Displays to Catch Your Kid's Eye

Lauren Hufnagl
Aug 8, 2014

Less than a month until we all say, "So long!" to summer and, "Hello!" to school. You're sure to get your little one ready with a backpack, notebook, and pencils galore, but don't forget to ready their minds as well! Maybe your little guy or gal already loves to read, but for those who are a little more reluctant why not display their books front and center? All of those colorful, beautiful illustrations are sure to catch your kids' interest. Here are ten beautiful, forward-facing book displays from our archives:


1. Ryder’s Adorable Room to Grow
2. Sebastian’s Starscape
3. Oscar’s Bright, Bold Abode
4. Ruby’s Gorgeously Glam Nursery
5. Violet’s Room


6. A Serene Oasis for Baby Maxwell
7. Ruby’s Gem of a Room
8. Vivi & Brigette’s Home Away from Home
9. Maxwell’s Mix of Old & New
10. Gus & Lula’s Cheerful Shared Room

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