10 Beautiful Games Worth Displaying

10 Beautiful Games Worth Displaying

Gregory Han
Aug 28, 2013
A chess board inspired by Man Ray's lifelong friendship with avid chess player and fellow artist Marcel Duchamp.

We've discussed how to store board games, as well as the idea of turning the games themselves into wall art. But here are ten board and card games designed so beautifully, leaving them out all of the time wouldn't be a crime and may prove to be a decorative touch which entices friends to stay over just a little longer.

  1. Man Ray Chess Set - $380.00 ($342.00 for MoMA members)
  2. Chairs Game - $75.00
  3. Joe Doucet Iota Playing Cards - $25.00
  4. Abalone - $29.99
  5. Scrabble Pearl Edition with Rotating Board - $94.49
  6. Sakura Trump Playing Cards - $12.95
  7. 12" Wood GO Set with Two Pull Out Drawers - $36.50
  8. Parsec chutes and ladder board game - Concept only
  9. Designer Luxury Goban / Go Board Game - Contact for price
  10. Nine Men of Morris - $17.73

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