10 Best Task Chairs For Nearly Any Budget

10 Best Task Chairs For Nearly Any Budget

Joelle Alcaidinho
Apr 17, 2013

After waking up with terrible back pain yet again, thanks to a day spent working from the couch, I was more than inspired to research ergonomic task chairs. With a variety of price points, I discovered task chairs available for nearly any budget. It's often said it's fine to pinch when it comes to everything but your task chair if you plan to work from a desk more than a few minutes daily, not only for productivity, but also your longterm health...

Just remember, choosing a task chair is not a one-size fits all process. Be sure to try-on any chair in person at a showroom or store. Make sure it's the right height, and be sure to consider the three rules of ergonomics before you commit to a possible long term relationship between your backside and a chair: fit for the user, fit for the task, and flexibility of movement while seated.




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