With calming blues, fresh greens, royal purples, and steely grays, these former Room For Color entrants are keeping it cool. If your favorite hues are on this end of the spectrum, get excited for a whole category of them coming up in this year's contest.

1. Elizabeth's "Rose & Clover" Room
2. Brittney's "Sunshine Cascadia" Room
3. Erin's "Backyard Wedding" Outdoor Room
4. Lisa's "Black, White & Cool" Room
5. Mallory's "Neutral Love" Room
6. LeAnn's "Kitschy Mid Mod" Room
7. Jackie's "Modern Plumage" Room
8. Lindsay's "Purple, Purple, Purple" Room
9. Brian's "Paris Rain" Room
10. Michelle's "Pretty in Patterns" Room

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(Images: as linked above)