10 Cases for Your Nexus 7 or iPad Mini

10 Cases for Your Nexus 7 or iPad Mini

Joelle Alcaidinho
Nov 21, 2012

Have your heart set on a tiny tablet? Or perhaps you happen to be gift shopping for a new Nexus 7 or iPad Mini owner...Weather you're looking for yourself or for some gift ideas take a gander at these protective options which are just right for these ultra-portable devices.

10 Case Options for Tiny Tablets
DIY: Making your own tablet case is quite simple especially if you're going for a simple sleeve. This one made by one of my colleagues only costs a dollar to make. $1

HoobyGroovy Brainz the Zombie Case: This adorable case is great for the youngster rocking an iPad Mini or Nexus 7. Actually, I take that back, I want this case and I'm no tot. $45

BOKOshop Minimalist Case: Now for something completely different, take a gander at this simple and elegant option from Lithuania. $25

Incipio LGND for iPad Mini: This hardshell case is made for the Mini and protects both the front and back while offering multiple viewing angles. $30

Fernfiddlehead Zippered Tablet Case: Looking for a case that you can also use for bringing along more than just your tablet? Take a look at this handmade option. $34

Rabbitdream Owl Case: Another whimsical option, if I had this one I am pretty sure I'd be unable to look at it without smiling. $25

Supcase Slim Leather Nexus 7 Case: Want protection for your Nexus 7 that works while you're using the device? Available in a variety of colours at a low price point this might be just what you're looking for. $10

HelpandHold Tablet Clutch: The design of the flap that allows for slipping your hand in is what made this case stand out to me. I can see this hand hold as being perfect for reading while standing on the train and think it's quite the clever idea. $62

Nimoo Mini Blue Dot Case: The best things about this case from Spain have to be the pocket and the polka dot print. $24

Boookly Black Bubinga for iPad Mini: I'm a sucker for cases that make tablets look like books so I'd be remiss not to include this sleek option. Nexus 7 owners do not lose heart this Seoul based artisan also makes them for the Nexus 7. $138

What's your favourite Nexus 7 or iPad Mini case?

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