10 Cozy Spots For Curling Up

Part of us loves the holiday frenzy and can't wait to shop, party and eat until we collapse, but the other part of us just wants to pull the covers over our heads and stay in bed until January 2 rolls around. Here are ten cozy spots from New England house tours that look like they'd be perfect temporary escapes from the season's festivities.

1. Tyler & Sarah's Primitive Modern Retreat
2. Joyce's Eco-Friendly Home
3. Caitlin's Beacon Hill Jewel Box
4. Frank & Jill's Frajil Farm Renovation
5. Kat & Jon's Thrifty Dollhouse
6. Pete & Sandy's Minimal Farmhouse
7. Kyle's Jamaica Plain Gem, 1 Year Later!
8. Jen & Rob's Gothic Bungalow
9. Asya's Luminous Loft
10. Patti & Gregg's Year-Round Beach House