Whether their palette serves as a backdrop for lights and brights to pop, or just creates a comforting cocoon to relax in, these Room For Color entrants rock their deep, dark décor looks, utilizing chocolate, navy, charcoal, and black. Get inspired by the daring hues of these bold spaces.

1. Leah's "Earthy Superhero" Room
2. Brenda's "Dark Neutrals" Room
3. Turtle's "Rodchenko Blue" Room
4. Jamie's "Darwinian Adventure" Room
5. Mark's "Bold Basics" Room
6. Molly's "Moody Glam" Room
7. Jessica's "Mid Century Style" Room
8. Sara's "Smoke, Citron and Cream" Room
9. Anna's "Midnight Dream" Room
10. Ashley's "Complements with a Touch of Gray" Room

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(Images: as linked above)