10 Swell Gifts for Vintage Lovers

Need the perfect gift for your midcentury design-obsessed best friend? Your environmentally-conscious boyfriend? The godmother who has vintage mugs cheerfully lined up on her kitchen shelf? Look no further — here are 10 great finds for the vintage enthusiasts on your list.

  1. An adorable, movable, Danish moose for your best friend. $42 at Junk House.
  2. Muted, geometric-patterned Hornsea jugs for your always hip roommate. Approximately $20 at ER Collectables.
  3. A Perrin camera bag for the brother who collects vintage cameras. $18 at NoWorseForWear.
  4. A gorgeous splurge for your wine collecting sweetheart. Paul McCobb wine rack, available at 1st Dibs.
  5. This Finel Kaj Franck bowl is perfect for your mom's newly redone kitchen. $95 at Junk House.
  6. A surprisingly trendy canteen to display or use as a hanging vase. $15 at KissaVintageDesign.
  7. A bright Mercedes typewriter for your equally sunny girlfriend. Approximately $190 at FreudenDesLebens.
  8. Fill this sweet French saucepan with homemade treats and it will also make a great hostess gift. $18 at HavenVintage.
  9. Pair this pretty Eva Zeisel creamer with gourmet coffee for your friend who just started law school. Starting bid $32.89 at Ebay.
  10. Brass geese fly across these artful Curtis Jere sculptures. $110 at The White Pepper.

Images: As linked above.

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