10 DIY Mobiles For Any Room In the House

The purpose of mobiles for babies is to entertain, soothe, or stimulate. Here are some examples of really great DIY mobiles from around the web to add to your nursery. The great thing about these are that they don’t have to just be for the baby — I can see these hanging in any room of the house!

1. The Proper Pinwheel
2. Pinja Colada
3. Mr. P
4. Hommemaker
5. Scandinavian Deko

6. Smile and Wave
7. Facing North With Garcia
8. Dollar Store Crafts
9. Morning Creativity
10. Blog A La Cart

(Image credits: The Proper Pinwheel; Pinja Colada; Mr P; Hommemaker; Jonna Hietala; Smile and Wave; Facing North With Gracia; Dollar Store Crafts; Morning Creativity; Ashley Weeks Cart)