12 DIY Projects & Crafts So Cute You’ll Want to Eat Them All Up

Get ready for tiny things, baby animals and all manner of cuteness. Don't resist — it's futile on a Friday afternoon. Just let the next twelve images and ideas wash over you and make you very, very happy.

1. Polymer clay pots so small they fit in the palm of your hand.

2. Mochimochiland has a kit you can use to make this itty bitty bird.

3. These stubby little things are individual pinatas made by A Blackbird’s Epiphany.

4. There’s lots to love from the talented Mr. Printables, but these various pom poms get me every single time.

5. Instructables has a tutorial for the cutest concrete planters, like ever.

6. You can knit your own dog with patterns from Knit Your Dog. The Guardian has a few patterns for free, including this jack russell.

7. This little birdie is actually a radio, designed by William Lindmeier, that will read your tweets to you. He shows you how to make one yourself.

8. There's a free pattern for crocheted baby guinea pigs from Ravelry. Baby guinea pigs people.

9. It's the wee-est little rock garden you'll ever see, made from a candy tin, and seen on Design Sponge.

10. Teeny tiny displays in their own cork glass domes, from Fabric Paper Glue. Frame ALL the photos.

11. Stumbling across a fairy door in someone's home is a sweet surprise. Kate installed one on her wall, much to the delight of her young son.

12. The tutorial for these ridiculously adorable matchbook suitcases was created by Kimbles and shared on Craftster. She even gives you the travel stickers for free.

See, that was nice, wasn't it?

(Image credits: Instructables; Transient Expression; Mochimochiland; A Blackbird's Epiphany; Mr. Printables; The Guardian; William Lindmeier; Ravelry; Design Sponge; Fabric Paper Glue; Kate's Creative Space; Craftster)