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We're fabric junkies, although we're not so great about using all the cool prints we tend to collect. We're guessing we're not alone in this, so we've rounded up a list of ways to put those scraps and remnants to good use...

No-sew projects:
• Frame fabric squares or stretch them on a wooden frame.
• Cover a cork board in fabric.
• Use liquid starch to "wallpaper" a surface in fabric.
• Use embroidery hoops to frame your fabric into a series of "swatch portraits."

Simple sewing:
• Make some throw pillow covers.
• Sew the edges to make a set of placemats, napkins or tea towels.
• Make a pincushion.
• Make a party garland.

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How to Use Leftover Fabric Scraps

Photo: Kim Johnson / Kim's One Room at a Time