Summertime Sourcelist: 10 Fabulous, Functioning Fans

Even with an air conditioner, it's hot as heck down here in Texas. And woe of woes…over the weekend our prized and much-used table fan gave out, spurring a hunt for one that will not only function the way we desperately need it to, but that will look good with our decor, too.We both like modern and retro looks; but either way, we need something that can fit on a table and function pretty well. Retro fans certainly bring the charm, but it's worth noting that they're not always the safest or most energy-efficient choices (though you'll see some on this list). So what to choose? We haven't made a decision ourselves yet, but we've brought some of our research to you in the form of a round up. Here are ten table fans with some good looks:

Top Row:
1. Antique Vintage LASKO Table Fan $50
2. Black+Blum Propello $140
3. Industrial Floor Fan $47
4. Stadler Form MAX Heater/Fan $100
5. Restoration Hardware Allaire Desk Fan $49 - $74

Bottom Row:
6. Casablanca Zephair Oscillating Desk Fan $239
7. Dyson Air Multiplier
8. Charly Small Fan
9. Knapp Monarch Table Fan $62
10. The Company Store Retro Fan $69

Images: As linked above.