10 Favorite Vintage Etsy Finds

I am so bummed that I missed last Sunday's large flea market at the Rose Bowl. To make up for it, I turned to another great source for mostly inexpensive vintage home decor items - Etsy. The upside is that I am trading the crowds and waking up early for shopping in the comfort of my own home. Etsy really does seem to have it all with a huge selection of handmade and vintage goods. Spending hours shopping on the site can definitely turn into a guilty pleasure.

Top Row:

Bottom Row:

Images: Etsy member lacklusterco, Etsy member lacklusterco, Etsy member DonkeeHouse, Etsy member thetwosparrows, Etsy member lapomme, Etsy member velvetandshag, Etsy member Retro4U, Etsy member BingoBox, Etsy member custom68

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