10 Functional & Flexible IKEA Products for Small Spaces

10 Functional & Flexible IKEA Products for Small Spaces

Adrienne Breaux
Apr 19, 2014
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IKEA is known not just for their affordable and stylish home products, but also for fabulous solutions that work wonders in small spaces. Want a compact list of ten of our favorite good-looking and functional items from IKEA that we think make the lives of those who live in small spaces better? Find it after the jump.

This, of course, is a pared down, plenty-of-great-options-not-mentioned list, so feel free to chime in below in the comments to share what products you've found at IKEA that have worked wonders in your small space. But do consider writing these down on your shopping list for your next IKEA trip in case one might do just the right job in your small space!


1. EXPEDIT Shelf, $99. Great for storing basically anything, it can go up against the wall in any room, but it also makes a great functional room divider in studios. See it in action in this post: Using a Bookcase as a Room Divider.

2. KOMPLEMENT, $7.99. IKEA claims this affordable multi-use hanger can organize 28 different accessories, but we bet clever small space dwellers could come up with more ideas! A great way to fit more into tiny closets, bathrooms and other spaces.

3. KNIPSA basket, $14.99. IKEA offers plenty of baskets for general organizing; we like this one because it could easily fit on shelves to corral items, but it's also sort of sturdy looking enough to stand-alone on the floor or next to a sofa or bedside. You could even hang them on the wall to stack towels in as we've seen before. And their earthy material looks great with lots of styles.

4. SKÅDA shoe rack, $19.99. Don't just pigeonhole this rack made with bamboo for just shoes in a closet (though it does that so well). It works wonders in an entryway or a closet for storing boots and more, but this versatile and low piece could go just about anywhere to store stuff stylishly. See how an IKEA shoe rack makes for a gorgeous closet in Jesica's Mix & Match Studio.

5. RÅSKOG Cart, $49.99. This cute colored cart has proven its worth over and over again, showing that it can be handy and attractive in any room of your home. And its compact footprint means it can squeeze into any tight spots.


6. TOBIAS chair, $79. It's functional seating that doesn't take up a lot of actual or visual space, making it perfect for task, dining and occasional seating in small spaces. See an example in Jacqueline's Bright & Airy West Village Studio.

7. BYGEL rail, $2.99. James from James' Beautifully Handcrafted Apartment in Clinton Hill shows how some metal rails from IKEA can c