Petit Collage artwork from Kindergallery

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Artwork is hands-down one of the best ways to make a child's room feel personal and unique. Whether you're shopping for a gift or for your own home, here are 10 of our favorite places to look.

  1. Kindergallery: This Sydney and Berlin-based art shop is now online for everyone to enjoy. Kindergallery carries individual and limited editions, prints and canvases, and wall designs from the likes of Binth, Lorena Siminivoch and Isak.
  2. GoToBaby Boutique: If you're looking for gifts, there are quite a few things to choose from, like personalized alphabet artwork and animal chalkboard wall art.
  3. Haciendo el Indio: The brainchild of illustrator and designer Cristina Serrano, Haciendo el Indio offers you, "...things for children, things made to endure, to become childhood partners, timeless objects and characters that tell wonderful stories in the universal language of children."
  4. Arte Bebe: Beauty and Adventure in Everyday Things...That's the motto you'll find on the Arte Bebe website. We love this site for stylish gifts and pretty things.
  5. Baby Geared: Their art section is quite lovely and might make it into our price range. All of the artists bring something unique to the table, and they all feel like real art, as opposed to just "nursery art."
  6. Isa Form: Isabelle Norman is the Swedish graphic designer and creator of these personalized prints that enliven any nursery or playroom.
  7. The Flash Bulb: If you're in the market for some fun bright pieces for a cheery, sweet room, we think Stephanie Friedman's handmade sewn pieces, available at The Flash Bulb, will be just perfect.
  8. AllPopArt: They can create silhouettes from your photos in sizes ranging from 10x13" to 42x52". Choose to have your print done on glossy paper or on canvas. Then it ships right to you, unframed or framed.
  9. Arthur's Circus: The boutique carries a well-edited selection of vintage and new hard-to-find items. We've learned that if you want something you see, it's best to buy sooner rather than later.
  10. Belle and Boo's Etsy Store: Belle and Boo is one of those Etsy stores that we just love browsing through. Artworks are done by British illustrator, Mandy.