10 Great Etsy Shops for Wood Kids Toys

Wood toys are beautiful, engaging and durable. I have purchased many through Etsy over the years and feel gratified to support woodworkers around the country and world. As Etsy gets bigger and bigger, it can be a challenge to find what you're looking for so I've done the legwork on this one and compiled a list of ten fantastic woodworker's shops for you. Take a look at some of their wonderful creations...

→ Imagination Kids (Carthage, Indiana)

→ Friendly Toys (Vilnius, Lithuania)

→ Smiling Tree Toys (Lamberton, Minnesota)

→ Bannor Toys (Des Moines, Iowa)

→ Keepsake Toys (Los Angeles, California)

→ Hill Country Woodcraft (Austin, Texas)

→ Tinocchio (Nazareth, Israel)

→ Little Sapling Toys (Cedar City, Utah)

→ Wood Toy Shop (Portland, Oregon)

→ Busy Being Me (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

(Image credits: Carrie McBride; Imagination Kids; Friendly Toys; Smiling Tree Toys; Bannor Toys; Keepsake Toys; Hill Country Woodcraft; Tinocchio; Little Sapling Toys; Wood Toy Shop; Busy Being Me)