10 Handmade Cribs, Cradles, & Children's Beds

10 Handmade Cribs, Cradles, & Children's Beds

Lauren Hufnagl
Feb 10, 2014

I am truly a lover of handmade items - the craftsmanship, artistry, and originality is often unrivaled in our world of mass produced goods and big-box stores. Etsy is one place where handmade artisans have been able to find a platform in our world of technology and online shopping, but many people picture hand towels and kitschy crafts when they think of the site. I've recently been seeing more and more handmade furniture appear in my searches, and I've been steadily bookmarking them. Here are a few favorite pieces that I've found for the little ones...


1. Wood & Wool Hanging Cradle: Woodly
2. Lime Wood Child Bed: Elisabeth Leroy
3. Moon Cot: Mud Putty
4. Nicaraguan Baby Bassinet: Veronica Colindres
5. Wicker Baby Bassinet: Shushu


6. Montessori Style Infant Bed: Highland Wood
7. Handcrafted Bassinet: Turner & Branch Woodsmiths
8. Montessori Floor Bed: Woodly
9. Wood & Wool Baby Cradle: Woodly
10. Jadon Crib: EZ Dezigns

Of course, on the downside, handmade items are often on the pricier side and I always wonder if they've been as rigorously tested for use by babies and children as their more mass-produced counterparts. What do you think? Would you buy a handmade piece of furniture for your child?

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