10 Handmade & Reclaimed Sinks You Can Buy On Etsy

Did you know you could buy a sink on Etsy? I didn't either. In fact, I won't lie, the thought never even crossed my mind. As it turns out there's everything from repurposed and old-fashioned to high end and handmade modern sinks for your kitchen and bath alike. Here's 10 favorites I recently stumbled upon.

Even if I never thought to check Etsy for my sink purchasing needs, I'm glad I have now. You'll find all sorts of handmade goods, reclaimed vintage finds and the perfect material to suit your style. Wood, concrete, glass and metal, check them all out below. Which one is your favorite?

1. Whiskey Barrel Sink: for $400 from Etsy seller butch8088
2. Concrete Bathroom Sink: for $800 from Etsy seller concreteninja
3. Vintage Freestanding: for $295 from Etsy seller vagabondsandcaravans
4. High Gloss, Concrete Vessel Sink: for $225 from Etsy seller concretelover
5. Morado Rimmed Vessel Sink: for $185 from Etsy seller claytonscreations
6. Stoneware Bath Sink: for $425 from Etsy seller MainKilnWorks
7. Vessel With Decorative Iron Inlay: for $325 from Etsy seller AFurnitureFetish
8. Wooden Sink With Inlay: for $700 from Etsy seller MeditativeWorks
9. Antique Copper Sink: for $500 from Etsy seller Nostalgi
10. Mahogany Vanity Double Bowl: for $2500 from Etsy seller GreenNation2010

Although these sinks are cool, shipping on several of them is a pretty penny. To help cut the costs consider taking a trip to visit an artisan and haul it home with you instead! Road trip! (I call shot gun)

(Images: See links above for full image credits)