10 Home Goods and Gifts for Anglophiles

10 Home Goods and Gifts for Anglophiles

Janel Laban
Jan 28, 2009


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We know a few hard core Anglophiles who like to go just a bit British when decorating. We pulled ten items for the home from Pedlars and we guarantee there is something to appeal to nearly every lover of London in the crowd...

Top Row, Left to Right:
1) Keep Calm Rugs
2) Union Jack Pillows
3) London Street Mugs
4) London Bath/Door Mat
5) Framed Way Out Sign

Bottom Row, Left to Right:
6) London Plates
7) Union Jack Mugs
8) Routemaster Blind Set
9) Vintage London Bus Special Destination Blinds
10) Vintage Routemaster Number Light Boxes

All items available at Pedlars.

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