Collections almost always look better when they're organized. Strewn haphazardly around the home, they can be mistaken for clutter. Purposefully displayed, they look like art. For step-by-step tutorials on organizing artwork, DVDs, vinyl toys, and more, click through the links below...

1 How To: Hang Art in a Group That Can Grow
2 How To: Clear the DVD Clutter
3 How To: Hang a Grid
4 How To: Display Small Vinyl Toys
5 How To: Display Items on Shelves from Benita Larsson

6 How To: Use Leftover Fabric Scraps
7 How To: Hang a Wall of Pot(s)
8 How To: Install a Pegboard
9 How To: Convert Your Vinyl Collection to Digital Formats
10 How To: Display Vintage Collections on a Budget

Photos: Wes & Kayla Schwartz (1, 7), Sarah Rae Trover (2, 4), Sarah Coffey (3, 9, 10), Benita Larsson (5), the Purl Bee (6), Christine's Bright and Cheerful Home (8)