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Are your kitchen cupboards coming apart at the seams? Do you need a little help in getting them organized? When it comes to reorganizing, we are firm believers in hard work and creative solutions; no one product is going to solve your organizational dilemmas. Here are a few good ideas, examples, and yes, a product or two, to help make your kitchen cupboards more healthy, beautiful, and organized.

All of these ideas are found at The Kitchn:

  1. Before and After: My Ikea Shelf Epiphany - A before/after guide to decluttering a kitchen shelf.
  2. Kitchen Tour Favorites: Five Creative Storage Solutions - Five good ideas from past kitchen tours.
  3. Kitchen Organization Tour: A Visit With Bento Expert Biggie of Lunch In a Box - See how Biggie organizes all the little accessories and snacks that go into her bento boxes.
  4. Good Product: LifeLiner Ribbed Shelf Liner - In old apartment kitchens, shelf liner is a first step towards having easy-to-clean cupboards.
  5. Beautiful (and Cheap) Spice Storage Solution - A lovely spice storage box made with repurposed materials.
  6. Click-Clack Storage Containers for Flour and Sugar - These are great storage jars; they're going strong in my own kitchen.
  7. Blomus Obar Kitchen Multi Storage - One-stop storage for plastic wrap, paper towels, and aluminum foil.
  8. Look! Painters' Butcher Trays in the Kitchen - A pretty way to organize the countertop and cupboards.
  9. Pantry Organization: Storing Many Half-Empty Bags in One Large Container - This idea takes no extra money at all; it's ridiculously simple, but very helpful.
  10. Good Product: Undershelf Baskets to Fit Any Cabinet - These hanging baskets extend your shelving and make it more versatile.

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