We were definitely inspired at last week's Garden Show. Not only were there great sustainable ideas for gardening in the hot California sun, but there were some interesting products, plants we hadn't thought to use and ideas all around.

Colorful Pots. We love color and have some colorful pots ourselves. It was a great reminder that even just two pots next to each other in a bright hue have great visual impact.
Vertical Drought Tolerant Garden. We're used to seeing Woolly Pockets used for verdant, green indoor plantscapes or for edible gardens, this was the first time we saw them being used to cover a garden wall that was baking in the sun. Filled with cascading drought tolerant plants gave it a whole new look.
Globe Lights. We've been looking for some outdoor lighting ideas and loved these simple lights. We found some similar at Target!
Trellised Citrus. Get that Meyer Lemon growing up a trellis and you can create some privacy on a small balcony or deck and get the most out of how beautiful citrus trees can be.
Reuse Cans for Planters. we loved these pasta sauce cans used for cascading nasturtiums and tomatoes.
A Framed Garden. We didn't love the frame, but we did love the DIY idea for creating a vertical garden using moss and chicken wire.
Artichokes. We've been seeing artichokes used as a decorative plant for a little while now and love its strong sculptural shape, the fact that it can take lots of sun, live in a container and give you an artichoke at the end of it all.
Meadow Instead of Grass. Korean Grass is one of the alternatives to regular, water sucking grass lawns and is still great for lounging on. And you don't have to mow it.
Vegetable Gardens. We're not over the vegetable garden craze and have been eating from ours for the last month. It was so much easier than we thought and has made making a salad a lot easier.
Hanging Planters. We love these planters from Pot-Ted and would love to hang a few on a balcony with succulents spilling out of them.