Yesterday we posted about Steelcase and Turnstone's new collection of office furniture, which nurture teamwork. It got us thinking about some of the inspiring company offices we've featured here on Unplggd, and the ideas from each that have inspired our own home office décor. Maybe you'll find something that'll help you win that iPad, eh?

A Test Tube of Inspiration: The Offices of Selgas Cano Architects: If you can, park your desk next to a window, so you can enjoy some of the weather outside while you're stuck inside.
Inside the Offices of Mono Minneapolis : If you share your home office, don't be afraid to but your desks next to each other for closer collaboration. It also keeps the rest of your room open.
Ogilvy & Mather Guangzhou Office: Decorate, decorate, decorate. One way not to feel like your stuck in a cubicle is to take some creative freedom in decking out the place.
Facebook's Snazzy New HQ Unveiled: Bringing in color can make any drab workday a bit more bearable.
Extravagant Gentleman's Club Office In Manchester: Invest in a sweat task chair.
Behind the Blog: Etsy: When it comes to office work, having the newest and best technology is a plus, but that doesn't mean there aren't some tried and true office supplies. Sprinkle a few vintage office supplies on your desk to balance new with old.
Behind the Blog: PSFK: Break down the walls between you and your office mates. Even if you're working on totally different tasks, throwing out ideas can lead to even better concepts.
Behind the Blog: Poketo: A well curated wall of artwork can help with inspiration when you're feeling blocked.
Behind the Blog: SuicideGirls: If you have room, add one more office chair so visitors can sit down and brainstorm with you.
The Offices of Pride & Glory Interactive Try to keep the clutter off your desk with strategically placed file cabinets and bookcases that can store loose items. Oh and bring a plant in to your space. It's a great natural air purifier and nice to look at!