10 Upgraded Play Kitchens that I Wish Were Mine

10 Upgraded Play Kitchens that I Wish Were Mine

Taryn Williford
Oct 6, 2015
(Image credit: Because It's Awesome)

Kids these days. They don't know how good they have it. My plastic yellow play kitchen was never this nice. Hell, my real life, grown-up kitchen isn't even as nice as some of these done-up DIY play kitchens that some very stylish parents have put together for their tiny tots.

If you're a mom or dad looking to dress up a play kitchen for a kid at home – maybe as a Christmas present? – check out these amazing transformations. Many of them use the Scandi-styled DUKTIG play kitchen ($99.99) from IKEA as a base.

And if you're kid-less? You might actually get some good ideas for your next full-sized kitchen makeover. They're that good.

Above: Tobe Reed of Because It's Awesome remade her daughter's kitchen along with their own

Which is your favorite (for your kids or yourself)?

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