#10 - Laura's Smart Dining Conversion

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Name: Laura
Location: New York City
Size & Type: 550 sf Studio

Favorite resource: Techline Studio

Pitch: My apt is cool small because I have incorporated a comfortable work, living and entertaining environment. I live and work in my apartment with a small dog, plus I have a lot of out of town visitors. The first step I took was to convert the dining alcove into a sleeping alcove. I had to get rid of closet space, but made up for it by putting in built in storage...

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Pitch Cont'd: I cannot work in a cluttered space, yet I did not want to feel like I was living in a white cube either. After years of procrastinating and experimenting I finally found the perfect solution; the pieces in my apartment need to have more than one use.

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Your favorite element: My built ins (bed, desk area, underneath windows)

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