10 Lovely Light Rooms from Last Year's Room for Color

Just because your walls are pale doesn't mean there's no room for you in Room For Color! Whether they chose bright white to accent the art or pretty pastels for a subtle wash of hue, these light rooms from 2011's entrants are stylish standouts.

1. Paul's "Burnt Paulie " Room
2. Graham's "Moroccan Zen" Room
3. Amanda 's "Vintage Blue" Room
4. Annie's "Maine Shoreline" Room
5. Richard and Megan's "Urban Cottage Blue" Room
6. Grace's "Mint Dream" Room
7. Sarah's "Rubber Duck" Room
8. Charmaine's "Modern Glam" Room
9. Bryony's "Bright Gray Day" Room
10. Trissta's "Vintage Print" Room

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(Images: as linked above)