10 Medicine Cabinet Essentials

10 Medicine Cabinet Essentials

Kim Lucian
Aug 13, 2012

It happens. Whether illness, injury or just annoyance, at some point or another you're bound to find yourself rooting around in the medicine cabinet for supplies. In my case, most recently, it was to find the first aid kit when a friend's kid gashed his head on our brick patio (we are so NOT child proofed).

Make sure you're always well prepared with these ten essentials. This list is based on what I like to keep around. Leave your own suggestions in the comments below.

1. First Aid Kit: A good kit should contain everything you need to properly clean and dress a wound. This is the one I was reaching for when my friend's kid put a gash in his head.

2. Band-Aids: Cover blisters from those new shoes you're breaking in and keep clean any minor cuts or scrapes.

3. Tums: These tablets will soothe your stomach woes, whether you overindulged, over imbibed or are just plain sick.

4. NSAID Pain reliever: Any OTC pain reliever is handy to have in a pinch, whether it's for a pounding headache, blistering sunburn or strained muscle.

5. Cough Syrup/Lozenges: Until they figure out the cure for the common cold, these remedies promise to make things more bearable.

6. Aloe Vera/Sunscreen: Sunscreen to prevent the sunburn and aloe for when you forget to reapply.

7. Bug Bite Relief: While not the most acute of injuries, bug bites are definitely the most annoying. You can purchase convenient medicine "pens" that relieve the itching and stinging, or fall back on the old standby Calamine.

8. Tweezers: To remove any errant splinters. The pointed Tweezerman tweezers are the most precise.

9. Heating Pad/Ice Pack: For sore muscles, cramps, and to reducing swelling.

10. Ace bandage: Let's just say you bought heels that were a couple of inches too tall and you happen to live in a neighborhood that still paves with cobblestones. You might find yourself in need of one of these.

Bonus: If you have kids (or squeamish adults) this post explains why a red washcloth is a great addition.

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