10 Modern Quilting Inspirations

The traditional art of quilting has come a long way. It's easier than ever to find modern quilted pieces of art to adorn your bed…

Whether you are an expert or have just always wanted to take a swing at quilting, here are some incredibly inspiring pieces that might inspire a trip to your local fabric store in the near future.

Top Row:
1.'Banner Quilt' by Cristin Wilson
2. 'TNT' by Melissa Richie
3.'Anni' by Heather Jones
4.'Sewing Circle' by Lindsey Rhodes
5. 'Love Beads' by Sarah Minshall

Bottom Row:
6. 'Zitronenfalter' by Ulrike Kittel
7. 'Flock Flying Geese' by Rita Hodge
8.'Tokyo Subway Map' by Steffani Burton, pattern by Elizabeth Hartman
9. 'Steely' by Jackie Gering
10. by Alissa Haight Carlton

(Images: The Modern Quilt Guild and as credited above.)

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