Today's modern humidifiers aren't only stylish and smaller than their older counterparts, they can also be quite colorful! Don't let harsh winter weather dry out your rooms or skin; gravitate toward these brightly-hued humidifiers for a little moisture help.

We have horrible memories of the humidifiers of the past brought out to help in flu season: big, clunky and hideous. Today's modern homeowners have so many more stylish choices, many in bright, bold colors and still others that don't even really look like a humidifier, more like a clever home accessory. Jessica found five modern and unobtrusive humidifiers last year, here are five colorful ones we wouldn't mind humidifying our air:

1. Middle Colors Humidifier $119.99
2. Humidifier Version III by Naoto Fukasawa $319
3. Mini Chimney Design Aroma Humidifier $185
4. Anton Yellow Ultrasonic Humidifier $139.99
5. Drop Humidifier $50

So who uses humidifiers? Is it for health reasons? Beauty reasons? To help combat the harsh winter air? Let us know!