10 More Must-See Small Cool Entries: Week One

As the first week of Small Cool comes to a close, we are amazed at the wonderful entries we've seen so far. Earlier this week, we shared 10 Must-See Entries and today we are back with 10 more. Check them out and visit the main page for the full leader board to give ALL of your favorites a vote:

Shelby's Lots of Character - 375 Square Feet in Chicago
Heidi's Every Inch Counts - 523 Square Feet in Chicago
Coco's Cozy Hollywood Regency - 600 Square Feet in Los Angeles
Carrie's Lots of Natural Light - 660 Square Feet in Houston
Erin & Danny's Storage Solutions - 500 Square Feet in San Francisco
Loi's Sunshine State Home - 977 Square Feet in Orlando
Steve's Sydney Sun - 720 Square Feet in Sydney
Rashon's Thrifted Treasures - 919 Square Feet in Rock Hill
Aaron's Distinctive Guest House - 416 Square Feet in Phoenix
Audra's Bright & Cozy Retreat - 350 Square Feet in Boston

Visit the contest main page to see all of the entries so far and give a few of your favorites the thumbs up: SMALL COOL 2011

Live in a small cool home of your own? The entry form is up: ENTER TODAY

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