9 10 Most Influential NEW Online Hardware & Style Retailers

The New Hardware Store. Remember the Restoration Hardware of 10-15 years ago? Remember DWR's Tools for Living? Remember how there seemed to be a renaissance in the selling of useful items, household helpers and, yes, hardware? Well, while Amazon has risen and killed off almost every store that tries to sell small, ubiquitous objects, there is a new crop of cool, lifestyle shops that sell household items, bags and even clothes to the new generation. Here is my list of the most interesting and influential of these shops that are trying to build a business in the land that time forgot. Check it and add more in the comments...

1. Makr aka Jason Gregory

2. Kaufmann Mercantile based in NYC

3. Westerlind is based in NYC

4. Brook Farm General Store is based in NYC

5. Ancient Industries is based in the US and the UK

6. Mjolk is based in Canada

7. Canoe is based in Portland, OR

8. Still House is based in NYC

9. Poglia & Co. is based in NYC

10. Convoy is based in Sweden and it is, yes, a curated Tumblr page, but a few things click through for purchase so I included it. Looking at it more overnight, I think it's not really fair to include it as a store, so I'm moving it down here to the bottom so you can still visit it, but not think of it as one of the others. :)

(Image credits: Maxwell Ryan; Makr; Kaufmann Mercantile; Westerlind; Brook Farm; Ancient Industries; Mjolk; Canoe; Still House; Poglia & Co. ; convoy)