10 Must-See Small Cool Homes: Week Two

The 10th Annual Small Cool contest keeps on booming along. We've already posted 125 entries and there are plenty more to come! But, for today, I've got a peek at some of the homes from the past week. Enjoy these ten don't-miss homes and then be sure to check out all the wonderful homes on our "All Entries" page...so far, SO GOOD!

Drew & Kelly's Open Concept
Location: Vancouver Canada
Square Feet: 800

Juan Pedro's Making It His Own
Location: Alexandria, VA
Square Feet: 560

Louisa's Little Bit Quirky
Location: Astoria, NY
Square Feet: 440

Emily's Stylish Small Home
Location: Covington, KY
Square Feet: 900

Kary's Pocket of Mod
Location: Santa Fe, NM
Square Feet: 947

Desiree's City Character
Location: Amsterdam Netherlands
Square Feet: 900

Carolyn's Ultra High Ceilings
Location: London UK
Square Feet: 542

Evan's Handsome Home
Location: New York, NY
Square Feet: 295

Josh's Collected Sensibility
Location: New York, NY
Square Feet: 500

Laura's 20 Year Home
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Square Feet: 390